GATE Result 2014 : Download Gate 2014 Scorecard Online

GATE Result 2014 : Download Gate 2014 Scorecard Online

Detailed review of GATE 2014 :

  • What exactly is GATE 2014?

GATE 2014 or IIT General Aptitude Test for Engineers is a set of aptitude test which is especially assigned for engineers and is being granted by many big companies. This test is conducted on national level in various centers of different state. You can call this test as a gateway to PG course as you have to clear this test in order to get an entrance here. Gate is also jointly controlled by IITs. An innovation was added to the GATE 2014 by introducing computer linked standardized and had become easier than last 7 consecutive years. Government of India & Ministry of Human Resources development, Department of Higher Education had empowered Kharagpur, Indian Institute of Technology to supervise GATE 2014 and no doubt they have really done their task very efficiently.

  • What were the highlights of GATE 2014?

GATE 2014 was held all around the country at many centers. This exam is basically held on national level. In between 2nd February-2nd March, 2014, the examinations of GATE 2014 were held. This year also more than 10 lakh students have appeared for this test in diverse centers of India. Many of the undergraduate contenders are eagerly waiting with their bated breath for the results of GATE 2014. Most of the things of GATE are alike previous year but again the cut off for this results will be based on a standard calculation. These results hold a great position in the life of these aspirants as it will provide them a first stair to climb the ladder of post graduation courses among the famed institution.

Details of exam :

The exam was conducted for complete 3 hours. Since 1984 this is the duration that has been fixed and if you belong to an engineer family than you may have a tough time in competing your own father. In some cases you may be the third generation who is appearing for the same test, so in advance good luck as here you may find tough to say that things have changed as some of the test are still same. You could use your Gate score card for duration of 2 long years. It clearly means that you have an opportunity for full two years to utilize your score card for admission in the desirable institute. GATE is conducted usually in the second month of the year and that too in the initiate days. Almost 500 centers are settled for GATE2014 among 100 respected cities of India. The preparation of this national level test, GATE 2014 is made in such a way that it is hassle free like all other years.

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GATE 2014 Score Card :

It is expected that GATE result 2014 will be announced on 28th March, 2014.

Procedure of admission in GATE :

The application fee is not very nominal alike other similar tests. You have to pay around Rs.1500 if you belong to OBC/General category and half of this amount if you belong to the rest of the group, including Schedule cast/ Schedule Tribe or other reserved categories. Only the official language of India, English is used in this test. Last year almost 9, 84,855 students had appeared for this examination.

How GATE 2014 Score Card holds importance in the life of candidates ( Gate Result 2014 ) ?

If you are wondering that GATE 2014 Score Card will hold importance only while your admission in the reputed institution then for sure you have mistaken. It is true that it is an important tool for admission in post graduate course but at the same time it is also helpful in arresting good job for you too. Many famed names including HAIL, GAIL, SAIL, NTPC and other public sector Indian companies use this score card while recruiting engineers for their firm.

So can anyone get this Score Card easily?

If you think that having this positive score card in your pocket is an easy task than sorry to inform, you are wrong. The qualified percentage of successful candidates if GATE 2014 was only 13.88% and this percentage are sufficient enough to explain the toughness of this examination. Due to this reason GATE has occupied its position among the toughest and highly competitive examination of India. In short this score card will directly reflect your skill as well as your real performance. Gate Result 2014 will narrate the same story of the aspirants.

Important upcoming date for GATE, 2014 :

This important date is a tentative one-28th March. It is for the reason that it is yet to be confirmed officially. It was informed in the press release by one of the organizer of this examination. The results will be inspired by the same formula which was also used in the calculation of GATE 2013 Score Card. The eligibility for OBC candidates will be somewhere near 90% of the qualifying marks of general category and 66.67% of qualifying marks of general category.

So is this article is indicating that you should not appear for this test or does it want to say it is too tough?

For both these question there is a simple reply, NO. No pain, no gain and surely for gaining such a remarkable score card you have to be smart enough in your approach and had to utilize the smart mind of engineers while replying all the questions. You rarely come across any complicated calculations while answering GATE question paper. Hardly 25% paper covers any complicated questions and for solving them duration of 3 hours is sufficient. It is too simple if you are aware of the right way to attempt it. Basically the questions are based for the engineers mind and you have to answer them by using the same brain. You surely have to prepare for it as no good things come without a cost and your preparation for this test is the cost that you are paying.

Good luck!
If you are among those aspirants who have appeared for this test then wish you good luck. Hope this time the success rate of the successful candidates of GATE 2014 rises!

Check GATE Result 2014 here and Download Gate 2014 Scorecard Online .